Tips for your first caravan trip

Tips for your first caravan trip

You are getting ready for your first ever caravan trip, astounding! It’s an energizing time of opportunity, fun and the rush of adrenaline for trying something new. However, it will not be very easy from the first go. There are some things that you have to experience before becoming good at it.

If you are towing your caravan with your car, it will be very different to drive, especially when parking. You are basically towing a heavy trailer. Performance of your car might decrease, simple physics. Fuel economy of your vehicle will also suffer. You should take filling your gas tank task more seriously because you will run out of fuel quicker than what you are used to.  Since Australia is a large place, there aren’t as many petrol stations in rural areas. It is a good idea to carry few liters of fuel in your caravan for extreme situations.

You need to make a checklist before your first trip to have some essentials such as basic car tools, fire extinguisher, tire repair kit, extra fluids for your car and etc. Just before you start driving, make sure your caravan is safely connected to your car, brake lights and turn signals are working. These are very important can end up in unwanted ways if ignored.

When you start driving with a caravan attached to your car you will understand why you were stuck behind one a few days ago. Speeding is not suitable for caravans, you will not be able to speed easily anyways but remember that heavier objects take longer time and distance to stop. Wind will affect you a lot more with a tall caravan attached to your car. Do not make sharp swerves unless you really need to. Your vehicle can lose balance quicker.

There is a video on how to drive while towing:

Ask your family or friends if any of them have claustrophobia, most of the caravans can be referred as confined spaces, people with claustrophobia will not be comfortable. Try to keep the caravan neat and tidy, no need to make it smaller than it already is by leaving stuff around. Living in a caravan will get you used to in small places in daily life.

As mentioned above, parking the caravan will be a hard task the first few times. Get your friends to guide you from the outside and do not rush. Practice makes perfect, no one parks perfectly from the first go.If you want to go all in with caravanning you ought to do it appropriately. While they may appear to be unnecessary, there are many beginner caravanning courses that will give you knowledge, and guidance.

There are many beautiful national parks in Sydney and around Sydney. Start your adventure immediately and you will appreciate the beautiful landscape that we often take for granted.

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