Restructuring your hair

Restructuring your hair

Hair types are different to each other. Curly, wavy, straight, thick and some others. We all have different hair types but it is safe to assume that every now and then we wish we had some other type of hair than ours. Usually, people with straight hair want wavy or curly and vice versa.

With advancements in hair treatment and tools, it is possible to get the type of your hair you want. In some cases, you might even have it permanently.

Bio Inonic hair straightening is suitable for people who are born with wavy or curly hair. This treatment will straighten out our curly or wavy hair, it will be very shiny and relaxed but straight as natural. This is a severe process that makes the hair totally straight, plush and smooth. The maker organization, Yuko Systems, names their procedure a repair procedure because it truly makes the hair to be in a better condition over it was before treatment.If you go with this option you may no longer be style it as you used to when it had curls. Your hair will not be curled with any method and will only go back to normal when it grows out. This process takes approximately 3-4 hours including the straightening of the hair and retouching works).

Permanent waves are for people who find the straight hair too boring and spend too much time curling them every day. This treatment will get you curls with lots of volume. This changeless wave treatment can change your hair and enable you to appreciate intense and excellent twists. Your new wavy hair will keep going for around a half year, giving you flawless style for quite a while!

In the event that you have never had a perm, there are a couple of things you ought to consider before choosing this method. In the first place, you should manage frizz and figure out how to deal with wavy hair. This implies not washing it consistently, utilizing exceptional items for wavy hair, and taking in the tips and traps to keep your twists looking immaculate.

This treatment gives you smooth, sleek, and straight hair for 4 months Yet, not at all like the bio ionic rectifying, to straighten your hair you need to blow dry it. This treatment isn’t as lasting as the bio ionic rectifying, make your choice wisely.

Before choosing any of these treatments, make sure you will not regret your choice. All hair types are beautiful in their own ways and try to love yours. If you do decide on one of the treatments, Sydney has lots of high-end hair salons where they can offer you these services with high quality. Experts working at those places can guide you with better options and suggest any additional treatment needed.

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