How to live in a small place

How to live in a small place

Living in a small house might be a result of tight budget or simply a preference. Either way, there are some tips you could use to get the most out of your small place. Considering the housing prices in Sydney, it might as well be a result of a tight budget.


You can start with smart storage. One of the disclosures of living in a little home is that picking less area doesn’t mean you fundamentally need to manage with less, simply that you should be super shrewd about how you sort out the space you do have. When you get used to living with limited storage, you start to realize that you can fit as much stuff as big houses can. Wardrobe-beds, foldable tables, cupboards with sliding racks can reduce your need for extra area greatly. You can also hang things on your walls in a fashionable way.


Getting rid of unnecessary furniture can open up a lot of space. Do you have a piano that you don’t know how to play or don’t play anymore? Take it out of your apartment. Do not keep a large screen TV if you only watch it once or twice a month when a laptop would suffice. Keeping things tidy and clean will allow you extra space as well. If you are messy and do not put things in their place after using them, you will end up with stuff sitting at where they do not belong. If you are a single person do not get a double sized bed. Try to get used to sleeping in a smaller bed and use the space to your advantage.

Underfloor storage is an amazing idea for smaller houses or apartments. You can storage things that you do not need to take out everyday underfloor.


If you live in your own house, you can consider outdoor storage as well. An example could be a storage space under your stairs if you happen to have any. Even keeping your fridge, the washing machine outside could spare you lots of space. Getting many built-ins are a decorative and functional way of handling a small apartment. Your bed, wardrobe, coffee table and many other pieces of furniture can be designed to be built in.

Speaking of furniture, double duty furniture is one of the things that comes to mind when talking about smart storage.A sofa that is a bed too, a table that has got drawers underneath. This way you can reduce the amount of furniture by half.  You can keep your bathroom small by not having a bathtub, just a modest shower, sink and a toilet. There are also many ideas of smart storage for bathrooms. Smart storage might seem expensive because of all the unique furniture but in reality, it is not any more expensive than normal furniture, considering you will buy lot less stuff. In addition, there are many improvements you can do yourself, like the drawers, coffee table and etc. This way you can add your own touch to it. Lastly, IKEA is always there to help you out with cheap but satisfying options.

If you are into adventure you should try out caravan trips since you are already comfortable living in small, confined environments.


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