Basic Contact Lenses Tips

Basic Contact Lenses Tips

Contact lenses do not last forever. Different lenses have different lifespans. Do not assume that you are saving money by overusing your contact lenses. The harm that you might be causing to your eyes is definitely greater than the amount of money you think you might have saved. Your lenses are degrading over time and it is not healthy for your eyes to wear contact lenses that have passed their expiry date pointed out by your doctor.

The freshness of the solution you use to clean your contact lenses also matters. Solutions that are not fresh may not thoroughly clean your lenses and the dirty surface of the lenses can cause discomfort to your eyes. Wear your glasses when you are cleaning your contact lenses.One might think that in the short period of cleaning your lenses your eyes will not get any worse. While this is true, it is not what we are concerned about. Without your glasses on you might not see some stuff that is sitting on your lenses like an eyelash or a grain of dirt.

If you are putting makeup on, consider doing it after you put your contact lenses on. Again, you will see better with your lenses on and there is a chance of getting some makeup on your eyes before putting your lenses on. It might be very irritating putting lenses on eyes that have some mascara in them.

From a cleanliness point of view, it is imperative to keep your two eyes isolated consistently. Your lenses will most likely come in two packages, left and right. Make sure you mark them with L and R accordingly. Many manufacturers make their boxes with those marks so all you need to do is circle the ones that you need.

Besides cleaning the lenses, it is very important to clean your hands with the same care, especially your fingertips. Your fingertips are the contact points with your lenses so any bacteria on your fingertips will directly move to your eyes. Scrub your fingers with anti-bacterial and rinse them thoroughly.

If you feel discomfort with your lenses on, take them out. Do not wait and assume that it is temporary and will be fixed on itself. Take them out for inspection, clean if needed and try again. If the discomfort continues, simply get a new pair of lenses. Do not worry about wasting a pair, like we mentioned earlier, your eyes are much more important.

As it is everywhere, contact lenses are pretty popular in Australia as well. Major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane have many specialists stores that offer eye examination and the best brands of contact lenses for your eyes. All you need to do is to go in and talk to them. Wearing glasses is very limiting on some activities including almost any type of sport. Some people also do not like the fashion part of it. Whatever your reason is, just make sure you get your contact lenses properly.

It should be every individuals’ priority to keep their bodies healthy including parts we often miss such as our eyes and hair.


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