About Us

About Us

Your interest to know moreabout our blog is much appreciated.

Basiclly this website has been created to be an online journal where any person can access it while they are on the way to work to see whats trending in the world at the moment.

This blog will have general trends from all our around the world. If we see anything that is worth publishing, we will just creat a content around it and publish it for you to read and give us your opinion about it. Under each article you can post your somment, so please let us know your thoughts on the articles you read and let us know if there is any subject that you want us to conver or investigate, we will happily do that for you.

The people behind this website is two young brothers who have been bloggin and putting great content online for the last 5 years. we love sharing content and knowledge with people, and what makes it us even happier, is hearing good feedbacks from anyione who reads our blogs.


Peter & John